If you would like to use our webpage to make a donor directed donation please be sure to log into Paypal so that you can make the correct notes right on the page!  If you do not have Paypal you may still donate by clicking on the Donate button and use your credit card. Please Contact Us after making your donation and we will be sure to direct it accordingly.  Either to operating funds, or to endowment funds of a team of your choice. You may also direct funds to the Indiana Youth Shooting Sports Foundation if you would like to help youth shooting in Indiana as a whole!

Where did you first learn to shoot? Did you live on or have access to farm, have a family member teach you, join gun club later in life? Whatever it was, many of today’s kids don’t have those same opportunities to learn to shoot. In fact, many kids are raised in an increasingly anti-gun culture. Yet most would jump at the chance to learn how to shoot if they were given the opportunity. The goal of the Indiana Youth Shooting Sports Foundation is to give them that opportunity!

Indiana Youth Shooting Sports Foundation is committed to developing the youth of Indiana through introducing them to and supporting them in the shooting sports. Many young lives have been changed by the discipline, teamwork and enjoyment inherent in the shooting sports. The Indiana Youth Shooting Sports Foundation needs donations from supporters such as you to help guarantee the future of shooting sports. This year we received a significant grant that is supported by matching private donations. Matching grants really boost our mission of getting new shooters involved in safe shooting sports by multiplying the effect of individual donations. Already in 2011 IYSSF has awarded a grant to the Ft. Wayne area for new shooters, and grants to Boy Scout Camps in the Anderson, Lafayette, Monticello and Bloomington areas are in progress.

You can help! IYSSF is an all volunteer organization: you can be assured that 100% of your donation will be used for the furtherance of youth shooting in Indiana. Remember no donation is too large or too small, every little bit helps! Donations may be boosted by matching grants. IYSSF is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donation may be tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.