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Indiana Youth Shooting Sports Foundation (IYSSF) is a 501c(3)  Not-For-Profit corporation established to introduce and support youth Shooters in the various disciplines of Shooting Sports in Indiana.

As we all know, finances and the expense of shooting are a barrier of entry to our sport, especially for young people. Traditionally, a youth shooter would have to have been sponsored by an adult to shoot even on an occasional basis let alone become proficient and become a competitor or even an avid shooter.

Since 2010 IYSSF has partnered with the MidwayUSA Foundation as the Indiana State Affiliate to address these barriers to entry, competition and competency. Support is provided to qualifying Indiana Teams/organizations/agencies in the form of fundraising projects, monetary grants for specific programs and/or projects, coach training grants and Team Engagement. Indiana Youth Shooting Sports Foundation works continuously to improve and evolve our support for Indiana Youth Shooting Sports. IYSSF currently ranks in the top three MUSAF Affiliates Nationally.

Our Mission: To advocate for youth shooting sports in Indiana, and as the MidwayUSA Foundation affiliate for Indiana, to be the best national MidwayUSA Foundation affiliate.

Our Vision: To create a fiscally responsible long term plan to promote and support youth shooting sports in Indiana financially. To create a plan that strengthens coaching of youth shooters in Indiana across all disciplines. To help Indiana youth shooting sports teams create a fiscally responsible long term financial plan to support their respective team activities and competition utilizing the resources of the MidwayUSA Foundation.

The IYSSF Board of Directors  consists of officers and Directors of the Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association as well as other Community Leaders active in the Shooting Sports.

History of Indiana Youth Shooting Sports Foundation:  Jim Dunn, President

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